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Hundreds of communities are cut off from opportunity because their voices aren't being represented.
Let's help them together.

The Ring of Democracy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to engage, educate, organize and mobilize black, brown and other historically marginalized people to build power for themselves and their communities.

Make a Difference in the Effort to Advance the Economic, Social, and Political Power of Those Underserved. 

Get Involved & Create Impact


Our Projects

We aim to increase community involvement by consulting and collaborating with community members. Our projects allow us to assist in helping black, brown and other historically marginalized people create power for themselves and their communities.


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We are working towards cultivating a community led by everyday-people who are inspired by the conviction of creating a society in which everyone has the ability to contribute to the betterment of our communities future.


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Make a donation today to help us continue our work in the community and expand our reach with our programs to ensure that we are able to touch more community members!

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Address: 180 Promenade Cir. Ste 300, Sacramento, CA 95834


Phone: 916 - 562 - 5764

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